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Cool Springs Camp ~ Something happened here once ... 


"...Soon Route 66 begins the climb up the Gold Hill Grade towards Oatman, Arizona. The ruins of an old gas station on the right stand as a silent guardian at the entrance to the canyon, a lonely ghost of another time when a nation on the move paused at this spot. What stories are hidden away here? The little day-to-day dramas played out so long ago by people coming and people going, but stopping for a time here to rest? I stood among the ruins and looked out upon the desert. Nothing stirred. A gust of warm desert wind brushed up against my face then whispered in my ear before moving on – up and over the ruined, blackened stones. In the stillness now I thought I heard the wind echo “Something happened here once…”

~ The Road Wanderer Log, March 2001

Ruins of Cool Springs 2001

Lonely ruins of Cool Springs in 2001


A Cool Springs Rebirth

BMW M6 on Route 66 Test Drive Stops at Cool Springs in 2014

BMW M6 Driving Route 66 Stops at Cool Springs in 2014


In 1997 Ned Leuchtner passed through the area. The beauty, history and majesty of the area intrigued him. When he found the ruins of Cool Springs, the spirit of the place fascinated and inspired him. Ned Leuchtner tried repeatedly to buy the property for three years but to no avail. Finally, in the summer of 2001, the owner called and said she wanted to sell. She was moved by Ned’s appeal to rebuild Cool Springs. The rebirth of Cool Springs had begun.


For more information about the rebirth of Cool Springs be sure to check out the History Page.

[Cool Springs History]

Ned Leuchtner has a dream for Cool Springs

Ned Leuchtner: Cleanup at Cool Springs 2002


"We had the power hooked up at Cool Springs last night. It marks the first time that the lights were on there since 1966.”

~Ned Leuchtner December 8, 2004


Cool Springs Reopens!

New Cool Springs Sign

The New Cool Springs Sign is an exact replica of the vintage sign.

Cool Springs 2005 - Rebirth

After 40 years Cool Springs is Open Again!


The rebuilt Cool Springs station is now a gift shop offering Route 66 souvenirs and one of a kind Cool Springs memorabilia. You can also order items from the Cool Springs gift shop through this web site. Visit our online store for more information and to check out some of the Cool Springs items for sale. They’re cool!


Future plans for Cool Springs include rebuilding a replica of the famous cafe as a Route 66 Cool Springs Museum and Interpretation center.


Cool Springs Station:

8275 W. Oatman Rd.
Kingman, AZ 86413

1-928-ROUTE 66


Proceeds from the Cool Springs Gift Shop help support the rebuilding of Cool Springs so future generations can enjoy this window into the past. Not going to be in the area for awhile? Don't despair you can visit our online gift shop for some unique Cool Springs items. This is the only place to get them in the entire world!

[Cool Springs Gift Shop]


The Cool Springs Gift Shop

New Cool Springs Gift Shop

Hours: Sun - Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Route 66 Memoribilia at Cool Springs

Route 66 Memorabilia at Cool Springs!

Something for Everybody at Cool Springs

Something for Everybody at Cool Springs

Surprises await at Cool Springs

Come visit Nedley at the Cool Springs Gift Shop!

Cool Springs Memory Garden

Cool Springs Memory Garden

Hearts with Wings , Souls That Sing

Hearts with Wings , Souls That Sing


Visit the Cool Springs Memory Garden. Noted New York sculpture artist, Mike Kelly, was commissioned to do two sculptures for the garden. They were installed May 2012.

The one for the "regular folk" is Title "Risen"
And a very special sculpture (pictured left) commemorates the Mojave Indian peoples and other native tribes.

It is titled " Hearts with Wings , Souls That Sing"

Be sure to check out the Mojave Indian Tribe Web site.


Experience the living history of Route 66 at Cool Springs!

1926 Post Card of Cool Springs

Cool Springs Vintage post card from the 1920s


How to get to Cool Springs Camp


Cool Springs is located about 20 miles west of Kingman, Arizona on the Oatman Road (Old Route 66). This stretch of Route 66 is one of the most unique to be found anywhere. Just before the road climbs into the Black Mountains up Sitgreaves Pass to Oatman, you will see Cool Springs on your right. Plan to spend some time in the area exploring. And bring plenty of film. Route 66 history is all around you. The trip from Kingman, Arizona or Needles, California along this old alignment of Route 66 would make an exciting day trip. Oatman, Arizona is considered by some to be the most colorful old Route 66 town along the entire Mother Road. Don't forget to bring carrots though.


Be Sure to Join Us on the Historic AZ 66 Fun Run held the first weekend in May.
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